No fennel at Wegmans?

IMG_20180110_192819306.jpgThere is no fennel at Wegmans.

HOW is this possible?

I have the house to myself tonight and can make ANYthing I want.
Shrimp that my daughter is allergic to?…YES!
Fennel that I’m really the biggest fan of?…YES!

(Record scratching sound)  there is no fennel at Wegmans…what the?

(Rustling around in the celeriac sound)  is there REALLY no fennel?

(Me sighing loudly sound)  which sounds alot like the guy on Cinema Sins when he sighs loudly…

OK – let’s scratch that amazing dinner I was going to make and think on the fly because there is NO substitute for fennel, especially when it’s one of the main flavors.

I’m tired…and my mood is deflating…

Ooh – sunchokes!

Get home…too tired to make a whole meal…let’s just roast those suckers because they are SO delicious on their own … And have a glass of wine.

Roasted Sunchokes

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