Martini & A Good Book

martini book

I was so excited to receive my new pink cocktail glasses today…love them!

After work, I sat down to have a martini and grabbed this book off the library shelves…and by library I mean the part of our living room where the built-in bookcase and 2 stylish reading chairs live.

If you haven’t read it, and love books about food and recipes, give this one a gander.  Cara Nicoletti is a butcher and sausage-maker, cookbook author, and host of THE HANGOVER SHOW on Munchies.  I absolutely love how she’s organized this book…stories of which books have made an impression on her…paired with a recipe from or inspired by the book.  So, if you only have a few minutes while you’re waiting for water to boil for your pasta or while you’re waiting for your family to decide where to get take-out from…you can easily enjoy Voracious any time!

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